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Free Cleaning Flyer Templates

Create your own business flyers.

The cleaning flyer templates provided on this website will allow you to easily make a flyer to promote your service for free in Microsoft Word, Google Docs or printable PDF files. Each layout will allow you to customize the text, save the template in a variety of formats or they are also printable right from the web. You can create and print out your own cleaning service flyer to advertise your business.

The thought of starting a business can be very intimidating, but having a part time cleaning service is a great way to earn extra cash to pay off bills or supplement your regular income. You can start off with friends and family, acquaintances or people from your neighborhood. Hanging up signs on polls around the neighborhood can generate interest. Whether you are just starting out or want to drum up more business in your area, having a flyer to post around town is a very effective and inexpensive advertising method. Some important items to include on your flyer are your contact information, your name, description of your service, referrals or testimonials. You can decide whether to post rates, or schedule estimates to discuss and negotiate prices directly with your client.

carpet cleaning flyer template

Free Carpet Cleaning Flyer Templates

Modern design in navy blue featuring vacuum cleaner graphic.

File Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: July 19th

Carpet Cleaning Flyer

green cleaning service flyer template

Green Cleaning Services Document

Green design to promote environmentally responsible services who use natural cleaning products or techniques.

File Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: November 2012

Green Cleaning Services Flyer

housekeeping flyer template

Housekeeping Flyer Design

Bold modern design with a spray bottle silhouette illustration.

File Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: November 2012

Housekeeping Flyer

free cleaning flyer

Cleaning Company Flyer

Bright orange layout with vacuum cleaner photo.

File Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: September 2012

Cleaning Company Flyer

cleaning checklist template

Cleaning Checklist Template

Keep track of completed household chores on this convenient checklist.

File Format: Microsoft Word Document, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, and Printable PDF

Cleaning Checklist Template

blue flyer template

Blue Cleaning Services Flyer

A cool designed deep blue flyer that has spots for lots of information.

File Format: Microsoft Word Document

Cleaning Services Flyer

tear off flyer

Template for Tear-off Flyer

Patrons can take away a reminder from this easy to make flyer.

File Format: Microsoft Office Document
Posted: May 2012

Template for Tear-off Flyer

house cleaning flyer template

House Cleaning Flyer

Blue template with spray bottle design.

Template Format: Microsoft Word Doc & Google Docs
Posted: December 2011

House Cleaning Flyer Template

cleaning business flyer template

Cleaning Business Flyer

Bold green sign with a vacuum cleaner.

Template Format: Editable PDF
Posted: June 2012

Cleaning Business Flyer Template

free window cleaning flyer

Free Window Cleaning Flyer Template

This flyer uses complementary colors orange and blue with a simple business layout.

Template Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: December 2012

Free Window Cleaning Flyer

laundry service flyer template

Free Laundry Service Document

Silhouette of clothing hanging on a line depicts your laundry business.

Template Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: April 2013

Laundry Flyer Page

deluxe cleaning advertisement

Deluxe Cleaning Advertisement

Advertise your comprehensive cleaning service with this free template.

File Format: Adobe PDF
Full color design

Free Cleaning Flyer Template

window cleaning template

Window Cleaning Flyer

Stand out red and blue with large font for easy reading.

Template Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: July 2012

Window Cleaning Flyer Template